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Jockimo announces JGlass™ - their new anti-scratch glass flooring

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - Jockimo Inc. is proud to announce their new anti-slip glass flooring and glass stair tread products - GlassFrit™ and GlassEtch™. These new anti-slip glass floor walking surfaces, in addition to their existing GlassGrit™ glass flooring, exceed ADA requirements and are UL Classified in accordance with UL 410 standard for slip resistance of floor surface materials.

Jockimo is proud to announce JGlass™ - their new anti-scratch glass flooring.


Jockimo also offers an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) required contrasting strip on the nosing of stair treads. The addition of GlassFrit™ and GlassEtch ™ allows Jockimo to deliver on a multitude of design and aesthetic requirements that are unsurpassed in the industry.

In addition Jockimo is proud to announce JGlass™ - their new anti-scratch glass flooring. This new technology is the first in the glass flooring industry and meets a growing requirement among architects and interior designers. Tim Casey, founder and owner of Jockimo says, "Many architects and designers are concerned with maintenance and the potential of glass flooring scratching due to normal foot traffic wear and tear. Our new anti-scratch JGlass™ product not only reduces the opportunity for scratching but also reduces the need for cleaning, allows for a stronger and more brilliant product, and is graffiti proof." JGlass™ can be applied to the entire family of Jockimo anti-slip glass flooring surfaces as well as their ThickGlass™ counter tops and vertical cast glass products.

Walk across water or air, when it comes to design elements, it is difficult to imagine anything more dramatic than Jockimo's structural glass floor. Glass flooring allows light to flood into a room creating a sense of space and depth that no other material can offer. A stunning addition to any decor, Jockimo glass flooring provides a beautiful and inspiring focal point.

Jockimo Incorporated, located in Laguna Hills, CA, is a leading innovator and developer of advanced architectural specialty art glass products.

A stunning addition to any decor, Jockimo glass flooring provides a beautiful and inspiring focal point to any project.

Signature Projects

Jockimo's glass flooring and stairs can be seen in some of the world's finest homes and commercial buildings, spas and casinos. A few of these are:

  • Oklahoma City Federal Building - glass bridges – OKC
  • Tiffany's - MGM Las Vegas - glass flooring
  • Indianapolis Zoo - glass flooring - Penguin exhibit
  • Lincoln Center - exterior glass flooring - New York City
  • Harrah's Casino - glass treads - New Orleans
  • Google – glass flooring – California
  • H&M – Denver, Colorado

About Jockimo

Founded in 1998 as Artwork in Architectural Glass (AAG), the company fast became an industry leader as a manufacturer of quality glass flooring and cast glass products. In 2004, Jockimo Incorporated was formed to meet a growing demand for specialty art glass products designed to fulfill extremely precise architectural and esthetic requirements. In 2006 AAG was dissolved and products were folded into Jockimo product offerings. Today, Jockimo is a renown innovator, developer and acknowledged leader for advanced architectural products with an exclusive array of unique, exciting and interactive specialty solutions for architects and interior designers that include: UL Classified Glass Floors and Glass Treads, MirrorUnique Antique Mirror Glass, the industry's largest Cast Glass (panels up to 80" x 140"), exclusive ThickGlass and ColorFuse technologies, Specialty Laminated Glass (SLG) innovations – such as DichroGlass, HologramGlass and the high-quality photographic imagery of ImagenGlass – and Liquid Lava for floors, counter tops and table tops.

For more information visit www.jockimo.com or call (949) 251-0075.

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