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Jockimo believes in doing our part to improve the condition of our planet. In turn we have developed processes to help reduce the amount of glass that goes into landfills and recycling plants by utilizing this glass in our production processes.

Manufacturers/suppliers in their float glass manufacturing and fabrication processes use large quantities of glass that are cut off and set aside for further fabrication. Much of this glass would go directly into tractor trailer sized dumpsters on the premises that are taken away and replaced with new empty dumpsters multiple times each week.

The photo below was taken by Jockimo on a visit to one of our fabricators.

Glass from these companies is now shipped to Jockimo to be used on our projects - instead of going to landfills or the recycling plants.

Over 65% of all Jockimo glass is produced using Recycled Glass - whether our customers request recycled glass or not.

Once glass is tempered it cannot be cut, fabricated or manipulated in anyway. If someone were try to cut a piece of tempered glass it would "pop" and break into many small pieces. At Jockimo we utilize a revolutionary recycling process for tempered glass where we can de-temper, cut the glass to size and fabricate, cast the glass with one of our textures, and then re-temper the glass. This process has further allowed Jockimo to eliminate the discarding of glass that would otherwise go into landfills or to the recycling facilities.

You are probably wondering - how much more for recycled glass? Jockimo is proud to help our planet and we do not charge any additional up charges for recycled glass.

If you have questions about our recycling procedures, please don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us.

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