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Jockimo glass cleaningA feather duster is ideal for regular day-to-day cleaning of glass.  If a more thorough cleaning is necessary, the following materials and methods should be used:

  • Materials – Soft lint free cloth (do not use coarse brown paper towels), and a non-abrasive, non-ammonia glass cleaner. Avoid abrasive materials and solutions.
  • Method – Spray the cloth lightly with cleaning solution. Dab the cloth softly on the glass surface to remove dust and lint. For more heavily soiled areas, use a light circular motion to remove dirt. Clean all accessible surfaces of the glass.

Glass, like all other functional products, will greatly benefit from a program of routine maintenance. While regular cleaning of the glass is the most obvious aspect of a maintenance regimen, it is also important to inspect the condition of adjacent materials such as grouts, adhesives, fasteners and hardware.

Architectural glass should be reviewed at least annually in order to ensure that related components are performing adequately. After ensuring the glass is firmly affixed, or fastened in place, and all adjacent materials are functioning satisfactorily, cleaning can be carried out in the above manner.

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